This website was born out of a love for all the things I love. I craved a space to share the things that inspire me. I strongly believe that celebrating your passions is at the heart of a living a soulful life.

The nourishment section is dedicated to recipes and cookbooks. I’m not carb free. I’m not paleo, vegan or vegetarian. I just think the foods we eat should be free from laboratory creations. Most of my recipes are free of processed ingredients, but white sugar and white flour sneak in there occasionally. 😉

In the Gatherings section, you’ll find all types of gatherings. Whether they’re big, little, thrown together or elaborately planned, they are meant as inspiration for your own. Regardless of how you do it, I believe in gathering up the people around you, creating community and meaningful memories. It’s what life is all about.

The living section is a catch-all for things that make my life and my friend’s lives more beautiful or interesting in some way. Here you’ll find fashion, pretty homes, fun crafts, and anything else that makes life more delightful.

Finally, the Journal is a space dedicated to more intimate conversation and things that hit me in the gut. I enjoy conversation, so I sincerely hope you’ll chime in if you read something that sparks your interest.

Thank you for visiting!