Helen’s Wines Night

November 02, 2018

Ever since I heard about Helen’s Wines, the idea of hosting a wine tasting night was a dream. It appealed to me for the same reasons most gatherings appeal to me: it sounded like tons of fun! It didn’t disappoint.

Helen’s Wines is owned by Helen Johannesen, a standout in her field for two main reasons: First, she’s an attractive, hip woman in the sommelier world. Right away, she’s refreshing. Second, her extensive expertise couples with passion. When she speaks about wine, you listen and you feel excited about wine, too.

We decided to focus the evening on white wines from the south of France. It was my first introduction to Sancerres and I’m sort of obsessed now. I appreciated the thought behind her choices. Each wine was delicious, risky and completely unique from the others.

Not many lay people know large-scale wine manufacturers often rely on chemicals and production short-cuts to produce the quantities and consistency of taste buyers expect. For this reason, Helen focuses on “naturally-driven and organically farmed labels, small production vineyards, wine makers with integrity, lower intervention elevage & dynamic thoughtful wines.” In short, clean, boutique wines that change the way you think about wine.

For those living in Los Angeles, but not too keen on hosting a wine night, Helen’s picks can be experienced through her very reasonably priced wine club. Popping by her store in the back of Jon & Vinny’s is always an option, too. You can give someone else the Helen’s Wines experience by sending them one of her amazing gift boxes

I’ve included a picture of the wine list below, if you’d like to poach some ideas for your next gathering.

Do you have the name of a good wine or a unique theme for a party you’d like to share? Please do!

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