A Valentine’s Day Card Crafting Party

February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day Card Crafting Party snack table

This year I decided to celebrate love with a Valentine’s Day card crafting party. Say that ten times fast! The kids made cards and the parents drank wine. We snacked on heart shaped treats while listening to a playlist made entirely of songs with “love” in the title. (Do yourself a favor and check out Sam Cooke’s Live at the Harlem Square Club album. Wow.) I don’t even want to know how many boxes of Instax Polaroid film we burned through at the photo booth. It ended up being the perfect way to celebrate childhood, friendship and family in one fell swoop.

Valentine's Day card crafting party tables

These little chairs are from Teak and Lace. Adam and Corrie, the owners, are always a pleasure. They pick up and drop off on time. Their prices are reasonable and the quality and cute factors are off the charts. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Valentine's Day card crafting supplies detail

Making sure there were plenty of crafting supplies available was paramount. A trip to Michael’s ended with pink, red and white card stock, envelopes, markers, rubber stamps, Valentine’s Day Washi tape, glitter, doilies, and foam stickers.

Valentine's Day card crafting supplies heart stickers

I love these foam stickers made by Creatology. There were glitter hearts and hearts with phrases on them like, “Besties” and “Cutie.”Valentine's Day card crafting party supplies card stock and envelopes

I bought heavy, card stock paper to insure the paper would hold up to lots of glue for the glitter. I don’t know what it is about kids and glue, but they always seem to want to use the whole bottle!

Valentine's Day card samples

I made some samples to show the kids the “possibilities.”

Valentine's Day photo booth setup

I love polaroids! Waiting for the image to appear never loses its magic and the images have a cool nostalgia to them. I set up a pink backdrop, provided a bunch of props and let the kids go to town. I bought the props from Paper and Pancakes on Etsy. They were adorable and high enough quality that I’ll be able to use them again.

child holding be mine heart in photo booth

Who wouldn’t be yours?!

child holding fake mustache in photo booth

Look at that dapper fella!

Valentine's Day pink lemonade stand

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day playdate without pink lemonade (and beer and wine for the grown-ups). I decorated the drinks table with Meri Meri confetti. The cups and straws are from Bonjour Fete.

Clos Beylesse Rose bottle

Possibly the biggest score of the party was finding this Clos Beylesse Rose. (Yes… a rose in a blue bottle.) It’s light, dry, crisp and heavenly.

Valentine's Day bouquet and heart confetti

The flowers were picked up by my husband last minute at the grocery store. He apologized for them, saying everything was super picked over. Once I took them out of the wrapper and rearranged them in a vase, they looked great.

Valentine's Day paper plates, napkins and rose gold forks

The table runner is from Heather Taylor Home. Lucky for Los Angeles, Heather does event rentals, which makes it easy to always have the perfect pattern for your party. This is the Scarlet table runner. I thought the pink and yellow made it just right for Valentine’s Day. The rose gold plasticware and Meri Meri plates are from Bonjour Fete.

heart shaped fruit salad, pepperoni pizzas, popcorn and plates

Heart shaped, snack size pepperoni pizzas and heart shaped watermelon and pineapple.

popcorn with heart shaped sprinkles

I sprinkled little heart shaped sprinkles over the popcorn. Not a lot. Just enough to make it festive. The popcorn boxes are from Party City.

Valentine's Day cupcake tower with heart and arrow cupcake toppers

I’m a sucker for a three tiered serving tray. I bought this one on Wayfair. What I like about it is that it’s BIG. It’s hard to find them large enough to fit 30-40 cupcakes and this one gets the job done and then some. The cupcakes are from Susiecakes. Yum. The toppers I ordered off Amazon.

pita and green goddess dressing

Life can’t be all cupcakes and pizza! I always try to include something healthy at my parties, too. This time, I made a veggie platter with green goddess dressing and an awesome chicken tabbouleh recipe by Ina Garten. I modified the chicken and tabbouleh recipe and used quinoa instead of bulgur wheat. It turned out delicious!

DIY felt heart garlands

I made these felt heart garlands to hang from the ceiling in the dining room. It was super easy and created a dramatic effect. The girls want me to leave them up all year. I’m not going to, but it’s a sweet idea.

Sweethearts party favors and Welcome sign

All the little guests took home Sweethearts boxes. I didn’t want to go too crazy with the party favors. This was an inexpensive, classic way to say, “Thanks for coming!” The cinematic light up sign in the background is also from Bonjour Fete. I purchased it about a year ago and I use it quite a bit. Most of the time, it resides in the girls’ playroom.

girl smiling

That smile says it all!

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