A September Table

September 06, 2018

September strikes me as a strange limbo. It’s not summer anymore because school has begun. It’s not fall because it’s still hot as blazes. It’s hard to know which mood to follow when entertaining. Ideally, the tablescape would speak to both summer and fall alike. With this in mind, I scoured the internet and came up with something that made me truly happy.

I got so excited when I saw these Farmhouse Pottery milk jug vases. They come with Billy Buttons, Celadon Wheat, and Phalaris Grass. Yearning for something a bit more dramatic, I asked Wildflora Design in Studio City to embellish and I love what they came up with, don’t you? It’s the perfect spray of color and the lavender smells heavenly.

Dried flowers are such a win/win. On top of being stunning, they can be kept out until they disintegrate, which makes them extremely economical. For my particular purposes, they evoke the dry, scorching heat of late summer and the golden wheat grasses being harvested for fall.

This Heather Taylor Home tablecloth and napkins amplified the vibe. The summery, window pane plaid is coupled with a deep marigold associated with turning leaves.

The wooden candlesticks are an Etsy find. The name of the shop is Hob Knobin. They’re less than five dollars each! Plus, they come unfinished, so you can customize your look with whatever paint or stain you wish. I decided to skip the fuss and keep mine natural.

The plates are Heath Ceramics Coupe line in Opaque White. I have a love affair with Heath. I’ve covered my kitchen in their tile. I covered my mom’s bathroom in their tile. I own a set of dishes in moonstone blue. Heath combines tactile elegance with pitch perfect hues of every color. It’s never fussy, yet always enough.

The gold flatware is from Target’s Threshold line. Between Threshold and Hearth&Hand, it’s hard not to walk out of Target without some seriously stylish household goods. I’ve been coveting the look of gold flatware for a while. Thanks, Target!

How is September limbo going for you? Do you have an actual fall where you are?

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