A Serene, Modern Spanish Home in the Hills

September 06, 2018

Recently, I was lucky enough to photograph Lauren and Cameron Schmitt’s home in hills overlooking Studio City.  Cameron Schmitt is a hotel and restaurant developer with an amazing eye for design. Lauren is a dietitian, who owns her own business, Heat For Health. Under this moniker, she provides nutrition counseling to corporations and individuals. With three kids and two busy careers, somehow they’re finding time to make it all work.

The Schmitt’s moved into their home two years ago. They both agreed their old home was lacking sufficient yard space for their three kids. Inspired by the sprawling front lawn and impressive architectural bones of their current residence, they decided to pick up and move. Since then, they have replaced the hardwood floors, painted floor to ceiling, and refined the landscaping. These renovations combined with the serene, modern interior design has created a space the whole family can relax in.

Annie: How did you find this home?

Lauren: Cameron is always looking at real estate. He randomly found this house when we weren’t really looking. Once we saw it, I knew we would be moving. It was a mess, but he likes improving things.

Annie: Which room is your favorite?

Lauren: This is tough, but I would say the family room. It looks polished, but feels homey at the same time. I love all of the details and the color palette. We can host a party or play games with our kids and the room works well either way.


coffee tables: MASH Studios; grey poufs: Target

Annie: What is it like being married to someone who is so involved in the design? Would you describe it as a blessing, a curse, or both?

Lauren: Both! Definitely more of a blessing. At times, I get frustrated when he wants to make improvements to a room that I feel looks great, but the end result is always better.

kitchen table: Pottery Barn

Annie: Your work as a dietitian is endlessly interesting to me. Mainly because food is such a loaded topic for most women our age. What would you say most commonly comes between women and their weight loss goals? Is there a stumbling block that you tend to run into again and again?

Lauren: Women put everyone and everything else first: their significant other, kids, family, friends and jobs. But their health should always be a priority. It takes a commitment to lose weight as well as time for meal planning and workouts. This is tricky in such a busy world. The stumbling block I see for most women is a lack of time. This leads to quick food choices and limited exercise, which are two things that need to be prioritized.

table: Room and Board

chandelier: All Modern

lamp: All Modern; side table: Target

bar cart: All Modern; wall art: Crate and Barrel

Annie: I don’t drink that much, but when I do I notice nothing packs on the pounds quicker. If someone knows they’re going out that night and will probably have two or three drinks, is there a way they can eat during the day to offset it?

Lauren: I would never tell someone to skip a meal, but I would advise them to eat very well that day to accommodate the beverages in the evening. I want people to eat well every day, but with a social engagement ahead you minimize the damage by cutting back a little during the day.

chairs: Overstock.com

side table: Roost

Annie: What was it like working with Vanina from Flipping Out?

Lauren: Vanina is a doll. We all know she has a good eye for design. But she is also a good human! She was kind to us and our rambunctious kids as she worked in our home. It was clear when we loved something, and if we didn’t she couldn’t have been sweeter and would make a switch with whatever item wasn’t working for us. I would highly recommend her!


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