DIY Heart Garland

February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day DIY Heart Garland

Sometimes it’s easier for me to make the vision in my head than it is for me to go around looking for it in a store. That was the case with this heart garland. I needed something that could hang from the ceiling straight down and the hearts wouldn’t look sideways.

I ended up making this heart garland and it was SUPER easy! All you need are felt hearts, string, and a glue gun.

I got the felt hearts precut from Michael’s. I made sure the hearts I chose were stiff, so they didn’t flop around once on the string. A thick card stock paper heart or stiff felt would be equally great.  Red and white baker’s twine was the obvious choice of string for me, but any kind of attractive twine or string would do the trick.

Heat up your glue gun. Hold your twine directly in the center of the heart and secure it in place with two dots of glue.

Measure evenly between hearts (or don’t for a different effect!) and repeat until the garland is long enough for your purposes.


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